My Book Links

Here are all my books and their Amazon links:

The Briley Witch Chronicles:

A heart-warming coming of age paranormal fantasy series about a witch named Briley, and Smokey, her grump talking cat.

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Book 1 – The Spirit Of A Witch
Book 2 – Storm Grey
Book 3 – Dark Secrets
Book 4 – Lies In The Dark

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Book 5 – The Fallen Witch
Book 6 – Grey Waters
Book 7 – Grimoire Citadel
Book 8 – Crimson Wolf

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Book 9 – Godhenge
Book 10 – The Spirit Witch

Volume 1 – The Spirit Of A Witch + Storm Grey
Volume 2 – Dark Secrets + Lies In The Dark
Volume 3 – The Fallen Witch + Grey Waters


Stone of Argentos:

An epic fantasy trilogy:

When Tracy Lupin’s life is turned upside down by the daemon Zalophus and the goddess Kellandra, her evening descends to one of violence and terror. Trapped by the Stone Of Argentos, she ends up lost in Esgar, a world enjoying almost two thousand years of peace. But with soldiers known as Defenders of the Realms hunting for auburn-haired girls like herself and the daemon Zalophus never too far away, her life is about to get a whole lot worse…

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Book 1 – Bond of Terror
Book 2 – The Vixen Trap
Book 3 – Fall Of Darkness

Hidden Kingdoms:

A fox-shifter paranormal romance series based in a fictional sleepy English village named Heystow.

Book 1 – The Hidden Fox


A fun, silly, light-hearted story of unusual friendships. Suitable for the young, and anyone else with a taste for adventure.

Book 1