Games I’ve Coded…

This might be interesting to some, but here’s the list of games I’ve principally coded over the years.

NB: this list excludes the numerous games where I’ve helped or been just a part…


  • Neutron (C64) (unreleased) – SHMUP inspired by the arcade game Star Force.
  •  Delphian (C64/Amiga ) (unreleased) – 3D space-trader using hires scaling sprites.
  • ??? (C64) (unreleased) – side-scrolling SHMUP inspited by the Centurions cartoon series.


  • Gemini Wing (Amiga) – conversion of the ST game.
  • Combo Racer (Amiga/ST) – sprite based sidecar racing game.

Core Design Limited

  • Thunderhawk (Amiga/ST) – 3D polygon attack chopper game.
  •  Jaguar XJ220 (Amiga/Mega-CD) – Sprite based racing game based on the jaguar XJ220 car.
  • Thunderhawk (Mega-CD) – 3D sprite-based attack chopper game using Mega-CD’s scaling chip. Known as ThunderStrike in the USA.
  • SoulStar (Mega-CD) – 3D sprite-based SHMUP using Mega-CD’s scaling chip. This one I have very fond memories, and one where I feel I pushed the Mega-CD pretty hard.
  • SoulStar (32X) (abandoned).
  • SoulStar (Jaguar-CD) (unreleased) – JaguarCD version of SoulStar was an absolute bitch to program, due in part to Atari’s “wisdom” of not using a disk controller chip (unlike the Mega-CD which also had a nice CD-ROM sector buffer) to read data from the CD. But the main problem I had was the display chip crashing for whatever reason (usually a finicky display list), rendering a blank screen while the rest of the game ran quite happily…
  • Thunderhawk 2 (Saturn/PS1) – 3D polygon attack chopper game. My first and only released game for the Sega Saturn. This game was coded in 3 months start to finish. I would’ve had more time if not for the Jaguar-CD version of SoulStar being a bit of a nightmare.
  • Fighting Force (PS1) – 3D polygon fighting game. This game began life on the Saturn, at at one point it was suggested it could be a Streets Of Rage game, but that never happened. Work switched from Saturn to PS1, before the Saturn version was abandoned.
  • Fighting Force 2 (PS1) – 3D polygon fighting game. This was one hell of a struggle to work on, due to the people I was working with. Was glad to see the back of it once it was finished…
  • Thunderhawk 3 (PS2) – 3D polygon attack chopper game. NB: my 1st PS2 game. I had to write a 3D engine and accompanying editors from scratch. Oh fun times! Was disappointed (like a lot of programmers at the time) by the lack of performance from the PS2. It was supposed to have more processing power than a programmer would ever need, but I had that thing on its knees on the first day of coding…

Thunderhawk 3 was the last game at work where I was the lead (or only) programmer. Times have changed, and these days programmers work in large teams. Sometimes I do miss the old days…

And these days, in my spare time…

  • Briley Witch Chronicles (C64) – Japanese style RPG based on my 10-novel series.
  • Neutron (C64) – a re-created version of the original unreleased Neutron. This version was coded for the RGCD 16k cartridge competition.
  • Zeta Wing (C64) – a fun vertical shoot-em-up, inspired by the arcade game Gemini Wing.
  • Soul Force (C64) – side-scrolling SHMUP inspired by great games like Gradius/Nemesis and Thunderforce IV, with elements from my Mega-CD game, Soul Star.


6 thoughts on “Games I’ve Coded…

    1. It would be great !!! Imagine a lot of homebrews being done to Mega CD !!!
      MEGA SD was just realeased out there… people like that systen…( fanboy here)

      Liked by 1 person

  1. If you ever get a free moment, I would love to hear how you managed to code the Saturn version of Thunderhawk 2 in just 3 months! Most developers struggled with the Saturn, especially in those early days. They Saturn version ended up really polished, so I’m surprised by the quick turnaround time (I loved the original on Mega CD, so the sequel was naturally one of the first Saturn games that I bought).


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