Briley Witch RPG Diary – 29/07/2018

Okay, before I go any further, it’s time for a quick update…

It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally completed the coding for the first half of the game. Well, story-wise. Okay, so I sill have to add the mini-games and sub-quests and a few other features, but the game works and can be completed thus far.

And I feel like celebrating.

I have all the tools I need to finish the game: I have my own 6502 assembler / build system, my own character/map editor, my own sprite editor, and even my own bitmap editor! Music and SFX is still an issue, but I’ll resolve that one later. I have RAM reserved for music, so no worries there.

Next step is to do a play-through, fixing any bugs and issues I find, and possibly editing some of the more wordy text down a little. I can also use some time re-coding some systems to work more efficiently. Will also be interesting to see if I can save some cart space; I’m currently using 301k out of 512k, but I’m still confident everything will fit.

I feel like I’ve climbed a mountain with this game so far, so when I get back to coding the rest of the game, it’ll be a downhill gallop to the finish line. But my motivation is still good, and I really, really do want to finish this game! I mean, I’ve sunk enough time into this project already!

Okay, now for the play-through…

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